art+bits festival

art+bits festival


art+bits is an international festival that shows fascinating world of art, design and technology combination. Brings together technology/art creators from Poland and other parts of the world - creators of unique ideas and unusual installations discovered by attendees through exhibitions, workshops and lectures.

  • interaction design
  • hacking devices
  • programmed art

bloki tematyczne

  • Echo Yang

    Graphic Designer and freelancer originted from Taiwan, graduated from “Communication Design in Shih Chien University and “Information Design” in Design Academy in Eindhoven. During the art+bits festival we will be able to see her project Autonomus Machines. This is an attempt to use analog everyday devices to create a physical representation for generative digital artwork.

  • PanGenerator

    Interdisciplinary art group which combines design and artistic expression with the achievements of the new technologies. They promote action on the borders of many disciplines and cooperations with representatives of the diverse backgrounds – engineers, designers, musicians and programmers. At the art+bits festival they will show their a new premiere project.

  • Simon Deeg / Andreas Picker

    Designers coming from the German artistic collective Their common point is the industrial design and communication design. Engaged in interaction and interfaces design. They love to work on imaginative ideas which merge the digital and physical world and need an interdisciplinary path. By using the contrast of low and high­tech they are establishing their idea of communication in a three dimensional space: think, design and build. For art+bits they come with project called Sowing Machines.

    The term sowing machines comes from early mechanic machinery used to plant seeds. These complicated mechanics are a symbol for the early technological revolution in which systems were still analog and easy to comprehend. Based on this reference we built autonomous working machines, using physical forces of nature and urban infrastructurein order to point out the direct relation between input and output.

    The project’s name is equivocal, it stands for the reference (the sowing machine) as well as for the act of installing machines in public space (to sow machines). This idea shows the roots of our project: By using cheap rapid manufacturing technics like 3D printing, the installation of several objects in public space is comparable to the act of sowing.

  • Alex Rothera

    Designer and inventor moving in the areas of interaction design and technology of the future. The last three years spent working at Disney Imagineering Research Division, which resulted in two patents implemented in Disney theme parks.

    On art+bits Alex will show his performance referring to the “Tango” by Zbigniew Rybczyński. During the lecture he will talk about his own philosophy of design and most interesting, executed projects.

  • Szymon Kaliski / Marek Straszak

    Szymon Kaliski – creative programmer and artist engaged in designing and implementing solutions in areas of technology, art and design.

    Marek Straszak – multimedia artist interested with animations, interactive installations and visualizations.

    On art+bits they will show the Sonic Explorer – artistic, educational and entertainment project assumed create the musical instrument constructed of wireless sequencer (laptop / tablet / smartphone).

  • Dawid Górny

    Dawid Górny is a programmer and designer. His work and research is focused on computer graphics, software development, and installations. Dawid is the co-author of Cinder Creative Coding Cookbook (2013). He was the founder, organizer, and program director of the art+bits festival, in Katowice, Poland– the encounter of art and technology.

  • Michał Szota

    Creator involved in graphic and interaction design in one. On art+bits he will show his work “Telephone installation” and will also hold a workshop: “Drawing with a robot. Exercise of the process and the imperfections.”. It will be an opportunity to experiment on emerging artistic object combining the worlds of graphic design, physicality and programming. Participants become familiar with the unfinished (but running), authorial prototype of the cartoonist robot and they will write their own program for it.

  • Ksawery Kaliski

    Ksawery Kaliski in his projects deals with a design and an art of multimedia. He is an assistant of Multimedia Actions at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice and an owner of ARTMEDIALE, where designers, programmers and musicians work together to develop advanced multimedia projects.

    He is an author of the concept of interactive Chopin Museum in Warsaw, the concept of an interactive exhibition in the Salt Mine in Wieliczka and installations EON created for the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw.

    Ksawery Kaliski looks for  inspiration in contemporary electronic music. He collaborates with musicians in the areas of visualization for concerts, creates videos and film effects. Recently he has been interested in developing interactive installations connected with artificial intelligence. His work has been presented at numerous festivals multimedia in Poland and abroad.

    During art+bits exhibition we will see his interactive installation PR•OR•OK which uses artificial intelligence. It is involved in the concept of dialogue and the condition of modern man.

  • Angelo Semeraro

    Angelo Semeraro is an Italian creative technologist based in Treviso, Italy. Angelo studied Computer Science at the University of Bologna focusing on human computer interaction, computer vision and acoustics. Since 2011 he is resident at Fabrica, Benetton Group’s communication research centre, in the Interactive Department. Exploring sound and spaces he likes playing with code and technology for hacking perception and deceiving senses. Interested in how physical spaces can be augmented and how the relationship between people and their surrounding can change. During art+bits he will show his interactive installation “Misunderstanding”.